Day 12: Vienna

The last days Merle and I split and we traveled our own ways in Vienna. I met my czech friend and thats the reason for why you see an english post instead of a german one right now. You can not really show much when you are only travelling on the road so this is why i am writing with a 4 days delay.

My time in Vienna was busy. I visited one of the oldest military history museum focused on the austrian armies and fights they had starting in the early 17th century.

Automobil (original) in which Franz Ferdinand was murdered; This incident lead to the 1st World War
Observation balon with hydrogen used to check positions of the enemies used by the french army during the reign of Napoleon Bonaparte

After that I visited the datacenter my friend works at and on which parking ground we are currently standing.

When Ondra arrvied we did an audio guided tour through Vienna with Rick Steves Audioguided Tours and learned a lot about Vienna. Did you know that „Wiener Würstchen“ are called „Frankfurter“ in Vienna because they originally come from Frankfurt?

The Opera House of Vienna located on the „Ringstrasse“ in which most cultural sights of vienna are located

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